In 2016, Pico Rivera OverwhelminglyApproved Measure ER:

“To modernize/rebuild El Rancho High School for the 21st Century, prepare students for jobs of the future, improve/expand science/career training labs, repair/improve neighborhood schools, including aging classrooms, roofs, restrooms, heating/air conditioning/electrical systems, strengthen school safety/security, and repair/acquire/construct school sites and facilities, shall El Rancho Unified School District issue $200,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, requiring annual audits, citizen oversight and no money for administrator salaries, all funds for local schools?”


Prepare students and teachers for careers of the future
Make The Ranch competitive with neighboring schools
Attract current and prospective residents to Pico Rivera
Bring jobs and economic opportunities to local businesses
Create jobs and high-paying career opportunities for local residents, District alumni and veterans.